Moonlight “Boze Rook”




(nicknames: turbojoint, angry smoke,nl, synthetic weed, to smoke, Swinger’s Delight, Swingersdelight)

In the Swinger's world it is better known as Swinger's Delight but because Moonlight “Boze Rook” for a wider audience it is called Moonlight Angry Smoke but it is exactly the same product.

De laatste 2 jaar zien wij steeds vaker een middel gebruikt worden met tamelijk spectaculaire effecten. Het middel wordt gerookt met tabak, met een kruidenmengsel, of uit een waterpijp. Het geeft een lichte, kruidige geur die lijkt op kruidnagel. Het wordt verkocht in zakjes met het opschrift Moonlight, waar verder op staat dat het plantenvoeding is. It is also sold in ready-made joints. It's not clear to me what exactly is in it. Only 2 puffs give a fast and firm high that is very aphrodisiac. An erection continues to exist and cumming under the influence is perfectly possible for men and women. The high lasts about half an hour and then wears off slowly. You feel very sexually charged and very horny, often in an active way. Do not take more than 2 puffs at the same time, the action is fast and intense and cannot be compared to a normal joint. So be careful! Is also doing fine in the phase out phase of MDMA / XTC. But….we have no idea what the active ingredient is and have, several times, people actually get sick after 2 puffs (nauseous, paranoid, stress). You really are your own guinea pig here. So start with as little as possible and preferably under the guidance of an experienced person.



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